Following the State Government’s Machinery of Government review in 2017, it has implemented a number of Land Agency Reforms providing greater efficiencies and strength to the Government’s ability to deliver priority projects such as METRONET. As part of that process, the MRA Wungong Urban project has been identified for handover (including asset and planning authority transfer) to the City of Armadale, on or before 30 June 2020.

Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority's (the Authority) role as planning authority was only intended to cover the duration of the redevelopment project. As areas are completed, planning responsibility is returned to the relevant local government.

Project handover involves the MRA returning planning authority for the area to the local government, in this case the City of Armadale.  This includes strategic and statutory planning, asset management, place management and Developer Contribution Plan administration.

Key points

The following redevelopment objectives, as outlined in the Wungong Urban Water – Local Planning Strategy 2008, have been met for the WUW Project Area:

  • Urban water supply and use: To improve water use efficiency and reduce the demand for potable water;
  • Environmental water management: To maintain and enhance pre-development hydrology and associated ecosystems, and to manage groundwater and surface water systems in a sustainable manner;
  • Natural environmental management: To protect significant wetlands, areas of remnant vegetation and fauna habitat, and to enhance and extend the existing environmental features as an interconnected ecological network;
  • Energy efficiency: To facilitate the development of energy-efficient and climate-responsive housing, with particular reference to the management of solar access so as to minimise the demand for non-renewable energy;
  • Open space: To provide a range of environmental and recreational opportunities to meet the needs of all sectors of the community, and in recognition of the landscape and ecological characteristics of the area;
  • Housing: To provide a variety and choice of housing opportunities to meet the needs of a diverse community which will contribute towards a safe and attractive environment in which to live;
  • Activity centres: To provide a convenient, equitable and viable distribution of commercial and community services, with a high level of accessibility and amenity and an efficient use of facilities;
  • Transport and movement: To provide a safe, convenient and attractive system of travel and transport with a variety of modes, including walking, cycling, public transport and private vehicle travel; and
  • Community Facilities: To provide facilities of sufficient capacity and type which address the projected needs of the community by taking into account emerging recreation and demographic trends, opportunities for co-location and their accessibility within the Redevelopment Area.

In addition, the WUW Project Area has provided practical demonstration to the implementation of the State Sustainability Strategy and the Southern River total water cycle plan.

Have a Question about Project Handover?

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