A new approach to urban living

Around 3 kilometres west of Armadale’s city centre sits 1,580 hectares of semi-rural land in the suburbs of Hilbert and Haynes, known as Wungong Urban.

Wungong is set to become one of Australia's smartest, most innovative and most sustainable urban developments. As our vision for this unique redevelopment comes to life, the area will feature:

  • New homes for around 40,000 people
  • A new town centre with new primary and secondary schools
  • Open space, parklands, Aboriginal heritage sites, sports and recreational facilities
  • Environmentally sustainable urban design

Our redevelopment will protect the natural landscapes and waterways while bringing a vibrant new community to what has been a largely dormant corridor of the metropolitan area. 

Protecting an environmental precinct

Wungong Urban has become recognised as a national model in environmentally sustainable design. We have achieved this through very careful management of the area’s natural resources and water-sensitive practices.

Soil management plans

Environmental and heritage conservation

Water management plans

Innovative drainage

Innovative drainage

Protecting the area’s native flora and fauna

Finding ways to reduce soil fill

Wetland and river rehabilitation

Wetland and river rehabilitation

A stunning natural setting

The Wungong Urban project area has been carefully designed around the natural landscape and waterways, and will include 12km of living streams. Our redevelopment will introduce 19,000 new trees, with public spaces next to the streams for locals and visitors to enjoy the tranquil surroundings and views towards the Darling Hills.

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Wungong Urban is 1,580 hectares of semi-rural land designed around the natural landscape.

Options for urban living

Wungong Urban will offer a range of housing with over 16,000 lots in a stunning natural setting. Families and workers will choose between smaller urban homes or larger properties, all within easy reach of Tonkin Highway and Armadale Road.

As part of the State Affordable Housing Strategy, the Department of Housing and Stockland have launched a joint venture housing development, known as Sienna Woods. The new development has potential for 2,600 lots and a population of about 6,000 people, with 1 in 12 lots to be allocated for public housing.

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    Wungong will offer new homes for around 40,000 people.

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    Stockland and Department of Housing and launched a joint venture housing development called, Sienna Woods.

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    Wungong Urban will have open space and park lands for residents and visitors to enjoy.


A sense of community

Wungong Urban will establish a unique new community in the Armadale area. A matrix of interconnected spaces including tree-lined avenues, streams, wetlands, community parks, Aboriginal heritage sites and wildlife corridors will link with new community facilities.

New schools

Places to play

A sense of community

A sense of community

A town centre

Meet the neighbours

Work and live in the Armadale area

Armadale is a vital regional centre for Perth’s expanding south-east corridor. The population is expected to grow at a rapid rate over the coming decades, which means the area will expand as people look for opportunities to live and work in the same location. 

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    Close to the Tonkin Highway and Armadale Road, the Wungong Urban area will help to meet the needs of Armadale’s expanding population and workforce.

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    Up to 15,000 jobs will be available at Forrestdale Business Park, from major corporations to smaller start-up businesses.

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    Up to 16,000 residential lots will be introduced, with new developments such as Sienna Wood.


Our innovative, scientific approach

Protecting the natural environment is our top priority in the Wungong Urban redevelopment. We have monitored and tested waterways, flora, fauna, completed ethnographic studies, and identified the unique species and ecosystems in the area to set a baseline for the development.

All developers we work with in the area need to address how the environment will be protected on a scientific level. They need to implement strategies such as water management and sustainable design to protect the future of the area and manage any impact on the environment. We will continue to monitor the natural environment, and manage our systems and processes to ensure our methods are effective.

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    Water management

    Careful water management is needed to protect the Wungong River and Neerigen Brook which run through the redevelopment area.
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    Working with the environment

    Clay is a key feature in the Wungong Urban environment. Developers need to use innovative water management approaches to address drainage issues associated with this type of land in preparation for building.

Wungong Urban is an example of water quality management best practice. A State Government project to redevelop 1,000 hectares east of Eaton in WA’s South West will be informed by Wungong Urban’s methods.

Partnering with sustainability experts

Our Wungong Urban project involves working closely with state and local agencies to protect the natural environment. These partners include, Department of Water, Swan River Trust, City of Armadale, Department of Parks and Wildlife, Department of Environment and WaterCorp.