Come and explore Chinatown’s unique culinary offerings with local celebrity cooks Eva and Debra from My Kitchen Rules.

Enjoy live cooking demonstrations and free food tastings of Chinatown inspired recipes - Red Duck Curry with Lychees and Tuna Cutlets with Mango Chutney - accompanied by live music from RTRFM 92.1 DJs Tristan Fidler and Matt Acorn and Bar Pop pop-up bar.

Eva and Debra: "We're excited to be included in this initiative that celebrates the very thing our cooking ethos and identity hinges on. We're all about good old wholesome Asian cooking and here in Chinatown, the food is also just that - authentic, real in the ways of not just the food but the vibe you can't escape when it comes to Asian food. Between the both of us, we've had countless memories shared here with friends and family whether it's a Sunday morning dim-sum family get together or spontaneous suppers, especially at the iconic Uncle Billy's.”


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