An illumination of twelve international and local artists over a season of nightly screenings providing a textured backdrop to FRINGE WORLD 2016. 

The Lightbox 16 is a lovely exhibition of visual art by these very talented artists: 

  • Martin E. Wills - The subject of Martin E Wills' work varies from scenes of alien invasion, rendered with great attention to dramatic perspective, atmospheric effects and filmic lighting, to characters with a comic-book feel. 
  • Andrew Frazer - Lost for Words is the celebration of the English alphabet and the responsibility we all hold in how we construct these letters. 
  • Thom Pastrano - A man of few words, Thom Pastrano delivers bold, salient and sophisticated designs that represent characters that we once new from our childhood. 
  • Doug Anthony Allstars - A patchwork of art created by the Doug Anthony Allstars during the height of their success. 
  • Jed Henry - An illustrator of children's books and creator of crazy projects like Ukiyo-e Heroes. 
  • Kozyndan - This power duo are avid travellers whose artworks often feature a message of respect and attention to our natural world, with their passion for diving and love for marine environments also popping up consistently in their work. 
  • Houses of 6006 - The brainchild of North Perth local photographer, Brad Serls this exhibition admires the character homes in the North Perth postcode 6006.
  • Peter Matulich - Primarily a photographer, Peter uses his photographs of Perth buildings as the source imagery for his mixed media paintings telling stories behind Perth buildings. 
  • Dawn DeDeaux - This work was produced and directed by artist Dawn DeDeaux as a featured special effect component of her multimedia installation 'The Goddess Fortuna and her Dunces in an effort to make sense of it all' that premiered at Prospect 2, New Orleans (2011-12).
  • Allen & Ginters - An exhibition of cigarette cards from the late 1800s. Allen & Ginters created and marketed the first cigarette cards fro collecting and trading. 
  • Kim Kim Kim - A visual artist from South Korea and currently residing in Perth. Kim Kim's works are mainly centered on depicting the portraits of individuals within her generation - early twenties. 
  • Mike Bell - Mike Bell's art blends an aura of nostalgia and humour, combined with vivid colour and a combination of influences. 

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Perth Cultural Centre Screen

Perth Cultural Centre, James Street Amphitheatre, (Bordered by Roe Street, Beaufort Street, Francis Street and William Street)

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