Outback Choir is a documentary that brings to life the story of Moorambilla Voices and its founder Michelle Leonard's personal mission to bring a desolate musical landscape to life in the north-west of NSW. 

Chronicling their journey from audition to stage, the film is a moving account of the trials and tribulations of running a children's choir in the most isolated and disadvantaged region of NSW, where sport is king and music education is non-existent. 

In 2013 a film crew followed Michelle Leonard as she travelled over 3,500 kilometres across the remote areas of central and north west New South Wales - visiting over 70 schools in 42 towns - to select up to 200 Moorambilla Voices children. As she had done for the past nine years, those children went on to rehearse and perform with the highest quality professional musicians and artists in a concert in Coonamble. The moving stories of four of these children are highlighted: Taylah Donnelly from Brewarrina, Mack Holz and Kyhnan Samuelsson from Lightning Ridge and Opal Trumper from Grawin. 

Ten year old Opal Trumper is one of 200 children from all over the remote central north west of NSW who each year leave their homes in small towns or on farms to drive or catch a bus to Baradine for the annual Moorambilla Voices camps, returning in September to the big Gala Concert on Coonamble. The Moorambilla Voices program provides one of the only cultural experiences available to the remote, regional and Indigenous children across the central north-western third of NSW. 

In a special event, Outback Choir will be streamed live from the ABC to the Perth Cultural Centre screen. Grab a bean bag and settle in to the amphitheatre for this special event. 

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Perth Cultural Centre Screen

James Street Amphitheatre, James Street, Northbridge

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