Selkie is a provocative work exploring this mythological other who is lost in a relationship where she is both owned and prized, her identity repressed in an attempt at assimilation. 

A creature of Gaelic mythology that exists as a seal in water, and can shed its sealskin to assume human form on land. 

Life on dry ground is not well suited to a selkie. Ronnad feels the magnetic pull of the moon and the tide calling her home. Drying out, she is helpless and held captive in a body and a world which are not her own. 

Written by The Epic's Finn O'Branagain and directed by Joe Lui (Letters Home, The Tribe), Renegade Productions' Selkie takes you for a swim in a whirlpool of love, cultural expoloitation, and domestic oppression. 


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The Blue Room Theatre

Perth Cultural Centre, 53 James Street, Perth WA 6000

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