The Mars Project explores what it takes to be superhuman, and asks just how much we'd sacrifice for the chance at a new life. 

Glowing. Stunning. Dominant. Forceful. Magnetic. You not only have the right to be all these things... You have the responsibility to be all these things.

Wren is driven. 
Driven to be special.
So driven she wants to up, leave and never come back - to Earth that is. 

From the frenzied world of celebrity to the rampaging cult of 'self-fullfillment', The Mars Project looks to unravel the absurdities of our Me-First age. The award-winning team who brought you Great White now presents a story about chasing your dreams - whatever it takes. 

Written and directed by Will O'Mahony.

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  • $18-$28, Groups 6+: $23 each


The Blue Room Theatre

Perth Cultural Centre, 53 James Street, Perth WA 6000

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