Three separate areas cater for all levels of riders, and non-riders have plenty of great viewing points in and around the zone to watch all the action.


This urban style plaza echoes the vibe across the rest of the beachfront and is a shared space among walkers-by, riders and onlookers.

Riders are treated to stairs, ramps and rails as well as multi-level ledges with gaps and drops ranging from 200mm to 450mm. A mellow bank leads left and right of a unique flat bar which is an impressive five metres long and 250mm high.

Central Street Skate Area

Choose from heaps of unique elements like hipped flat banks – 600mm, 1200mm and 1950mm high, combinations of flat banks to curved transitions and a quarter pipe with a radius range of 900mm to 2800mm.

Have a go on the 900mm high hubbas, handrails, a 10-step staircase, kerbs and roll-overs, or head straight for the Central Street Skate Area’s heart to find angled kickers up to 500mm high to multiple volcanoes.

Skate Bowl

Not for the faint hearted, the international level competition skate bowl is the pinnacle of the Skate, Scooter and BMX Zone.

It has shallow and deep sections ranging from 8 to 12 foot with pool style coping and is the perfect venue for premier vertical bowl events.The bowl is contained by walls alongside the west and east sides and has a number of other safety features. 

Beginners can look on from Sunset Hill as the bowl is just for intermediate and advanced skaters with mad bowl skills. 


Snake Pit

The Esplanade (north), Scarborough

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Snake Pit

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We’re working together with our project partner to deliver this iconic beachfront destination