This story has been sandblasted and painted in five places around the Scarborough Beach foreshore.

The public artwork by artists Neville Collard, Richard Walley and Jahne Rees, tells the tale of a group of children who go missing and how the spirit woman Tjunta finds them.

  1. The start of the story shows happiness - Tjunta has the Noongar family and the three children in her care. (On the lower promenade next to the Lotterywest Whale Playground.)
  2. The family leave the camp to go hunting and gathering. (On the lower promenade at the southern end of the skate bowl.)
  3. The children become lost and the family search in vain for the lost children. (Two images on the lower promenade at the bottom of the central stairs east and south east of the amphitheatre)
  4. A corroboree is held to conjure up Tjunta and ask her for help. (On the lower promenade in front of the café at the swimming pool.)
  5. Tjunta finds the children. (On the upper promenade in Scarborough Square south west of the Clock Tower.)


Scarborough Beach

The Esplanade, Scarborough

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